An insight on Vampire facial

“Naturally, collagen & elastin are the ones responsible for keeping our skin firmer, bright and young-looking.  There are triggers like smoking, sun damage, aging, or pollution, which may cause loss of collagen & elastin from the skin. All these changes will make skin wrinkled, getting fine lines, lose & saggy, pigmented, and rough looking.”

Vampire facial aka Blood facial is a cosmetic procedure meant to remove fine lines, wrinkles, and rejuvenate skin from the deep. This skin treatment is viral in the western world, and people love it. It is a combination of Platelet-rich plasma and micro-needling therapy.

The injected PRP is rich in growth factors which helps to induce more collagen, while micro-needling helps in the absorption of PRP and also produces new collagen. Skin becomes smooth, fresh-looking, firm and adds more glow to the face.

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The procedure begins with a collection of a small amount of blood with a gentle prick and then allowed to centrifuge in a machine. Meanwhile, a numbing cream will be applied for near 45 minutes. After that, micro-needling is performed to create tiny or micro-holes over the skin. Platelet Rich Plasma needs to be injected or applied directly into or over the treated surface. The whole procedure may take 60-90 minutes. Mild redness on the face could be there for 1-2 days, and that’s the only significant downtime. We recommend getting this treatment done a week before any event you plan.

As far as risks are concerned, it is explained that the only chance you may get is bruising at the time of the venipuncture. Apart from the discomfort of blood drawn and bruising, the vampire facial is “extremely safe. The risk of contamination is there if clinic hygiene is not proper or performed by untrained professionals.

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